Trip to Jerusalem is a game that is pretty popular all over the world.

It is also known as musical chairs because you will circle chairs then everyone would try and sit somewhere when the music stops. When that happens, it is going to be a lot of laughter for all the players and the people watching. Of course, there will be one less chair compared to the number of people circling the chairs. The Porn Haggle game will continue until there are two players left and one chair. Both players will try and get into a position to try and win the game. Of course, it will come down to speed and timing.

There are some strategies involved in this game so it won’t be long before it will become a battle of wits.

When that happens, you can’t expect the big people to survive in the end as everyone should also be dancing to the music. There is a reason why it is called Trip to Jerusalem or musical chairs. Everyone is expected to dance and there is no need to be shy since everyone including the players and the watchers is going to be dancing to each beat of the song. The songs would mostly be by some of today’s hottest dance heats so everyone could groove to the beat. It won’t be yesterday’s hits that nobody is even familiar with. It won’t be long before everyone would do some peculiar dance moves. It is all good as long as everything is having fun.

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A trip to Jerusalem should be done before eating as it is also good exercise.

Besides, everyone is dancing then speeding over to the chairs makes them practice their speed. Thus, better bring an extra shirt or two when you are planning to play this game. If it is a party, there may be several games after it and you would want to save energy for that. There is usually a price for the person who comes away with the victory and that is always good news. It is always a boost in self-confidence when you win a prize and you don’t know how you are going to use it. One thing is for sure, you are going to get the respect of everyone who is using this Adult Time coupon. Better do everything right because you can be sure that videos of the Trip to Jerusalem game will be posted on social media.


Everyone playing the game should be competitive so that it would garner a lot of likes.

If other people want to be eliminated, nobody would be interested in watching it. Thus, a huge prize must be offered so that everyone would be motivated to try and win the game. Some people would even go as far as to push the other people in the game. That is not allowed though since it is just a porn deals game and not some kind of sport where hurting other people will not be used against you. It should just be for fun.